Carpet and Flooring Accessories to complete your project

CarpetWays currently stock a wide range of accessories, all of the highest quality materials. These range from, carpet underlay, gripper, door bars, mats, spray and glue and so on. Any item you need to help protect or improve your flooring choices we have got.

Firstly, Choose from a large range of products to finish off the look of your new carpet. Flooring or artificial grass project. This is the most important step there is no point buying your accessories if you don't have your flooring done right, so take your time and get it done right.

Secondly, We have loads of accessories here at carpetways. These will improve the quality and life span of your carpet. This is ideal if you are wanting your carpet to last you for a while, it is something to take into mind and save some money.

Additionally, we sell underlay for both carpet and laminate! We also sell scotia beading, and door trims and so on! Every useful item for you to complete your project. Don't let yourself come short with your DIY get the full way with our amazing flooring accessories.


Furthermore, Our door bars come in sizes of 3ft and 270cm and the price varies for each size and you can also choose a colour.

Our soctia beading come in boxs of 10 at 2.4m wide giving you a total length of 24m and you can choose a colour.

Our Carpet Underlay comes in thicknesses of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. One roll covers 15sq m.

We also sell tins of adhesive spray that is needed when laying things like laminate or luxury vinyl tile.

Our carpet protector is the best stuff you can get for your carpet, keeping it long lasting and in great condition will help you get the best out of your carpet.

Our laminate underlay is also top of the line. It comes in 2mm thickness and has thermal insulation and sound reduction properties.

Leyla door mats are also a popular accessory to have, cheap and useful these mats will always have a purpose.

LVT Design strips are 2mm thick and 4mm wide and are not used by click method. 30 strips a pack 95cm each total length 28.5m.

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