Artificial Grass from Carpetways

Looking for a fake lawn? Indulge yourself in carpetways artificial grass UV resistant! Preparing you for your garden adventures this realistic product is like a slice of nature perfectly tuned to your needs. Its soft yet durable pile will never stop bringing you comfort. Our grass is not as expensive as the old sports turf, artificial turf or synthetic lawns. This is our grass, so great prices and great products.


Firstly, our Carpetways Artificial grass-like astroturf gives you a green complete garden all year round with very low maintenance. But each grass is different and finding the right one for you is the most important thing. Our synthetic lawns are UV and stain resistant as well, so you don’t have to worry about it losing that fresh green look. Available from only £5.99 per sqm. This product has solidified its position as the best and cheapest garden accessory! Our fake lawns are just as good as the real one! And is available in 6mm – 20mm – 30mm – 40mm and the price varies for each level of thickness. The thinnest being the cheapest and the thickest being the most expensive.


Secondly, our Grass has improved a lot in appearance and performance. And is no longer as expensive as old astroturf that was used for sports fields. Synthetic lawns are even being found indoors and out! Get creative with your grass ideas and send us them on Instagram [click here to see our instagram] !! Our fake grass provides you with a luscious garden all year-round, rain or snow. Wave goodbye to all the hassle of a normal garden and create a unique place for you to chill. This product is great for both pets and children, no more of them tracking mud through your home and over your carpets. Our fake lawns even dry fast! Just in a matter of a few mere minutes after some rainfall, the grass will be dried and ready to be played on again.

Reason for buying:

Furthermore, our Artificial grass is a great choice to make for gardens that are maybe a little bit too hard to take care of or have a hard time growing grass. Our synthetic lawns blend with traditional gardens extremely well. This could be a great idea to keep in mind if your garden has a hard time growing grass in some places. You can also use our UV resistant grass to change concrete or decking areas into grass areas. If you are having a change of mind for your garden setting.

Carpetways Artificial grass installation can be as simple as a carpet but here is a quick how-to video just to remind you on how to do it! [click here]