1st November 2019

Carpet Tiles from ONLY £2.50 each

CarpetWays stocks four brands of Carpet Tiles, ranging in a variety of colours. Due to their durability they are used in all rooms of the house, even the garage. These stylish and sophisticated tiles suit any decor and taste. With colours and shades available from black, deep blue, charcoal grey and red.

Ideal for living rooms, childrens playrooms and hallways these Carpet Tiles are 100% polypropylene and bleach cleanable.

Creating a design with carpet has never been easier. With the use of these tiles you can dream up the most extreme pattern or just keep it simple. The possibilities can be endless. Structured designs such as walkways and central islands with straight lines generates order and direction. If quirky is a style you desire within your home or workplace this is equally as easy to achieve, this is down to their 50cm square sizing. This means you can lay these in any formation you wish. Laid randomly or specific these are guaranteed to bring your own custom idea to life.

Diva Carpet Tile Room Image
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