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Carpet Trends

Keep your home up to date by starting with what is on your floor. Carpets still remain the most trendy and durable choice. Cooler tones like blue or grey carpets are right on trend. Blue is a nice transition from the norm of neutral beige plain carpets and works perfectly with millenniums grey décor. Trendy textures are important in the appearance and performance of your carpets. Choose from soft Saxony carpets to hardwearing loop pile carpets. A great budget carpet idea is to have one carpet throughout your whole home; our Whole House deals include underlay and door metals. It has never been easier to buy cheap internet carpets online with 100’s of prime examples available here.

Choosing Your Online Carpets

Living Room Carpets

This is your favourite room for making an impression, so carpets here need to look great. With all those family occasions, dinners in front of the TV and relaxing afternoons with the Sunday papers, living rooms are prey to high levels of footfall and accidental spillages and stains. The speckled effect of heather soft Saxony carpets disguises these small marks whilst providing that luxurious feel.

Dining Room Carpets

While they don’t experience as many feet as living rooms, dining room carpets are even more likely to get stained and generally by spillages that can do maximum damage. Red wine, sauces and soups can all wreck a carpet. Again, get a high pile density and stain resistant carpet such as our Sensit Heathers Carpet. Or you could always box clever and put your table on top of a rug. Should food fall this will be significantly cheaper and easier to replace.

Bedroom Carpets

Your bedroom is about unadulterated luxury and a nice deep pile will bring the ultimate softness to your toes. Bedrooms are not as prone to thousands of footsteps as the main areas of the home, so you can afford to use a slightly less dense carpet and hence save a bit of money over dining and living rooms. Carpetways soft Saxony Carpets come in a range of fabulous relaxing bedroom colours. Don’t forget that your spare bedrooms get even less use and so can make do with a more cost effective, lower density pile than main bedrooms. Consider using one of our Online Carpet Remnants for further savings.

Hallway Carpets

Your Hallway is the first impression given to your visitors so needs to be stylish. With people going in and out, shoes and bags dumped by doors and debris from outside blowing in, your hallway is the place for dirt to gather, so hard wearing carpets are required. Also, remember that the narrow width of hallways make them prone to continual and heavy foot traffic, so always use a dense carpet and perhaps consider the use of a runner in the busiest area. Every hallway should be fitted with a Leyla door mat that will remove mud, moisture and those annoying bits of gravel that gets stuck on shoes. It’s probably also a good idea to choose a darker or patterned carpet like our Tartan Carpets or Striped Carpets to hide any dirt that makes its way in.

Stair Carpets

The same rules apply to stairs as they do to hallways. Carpeted stairs are great for keeping noise level downs, but are also subject to a considerable amount of footfall, especially on the edges. Choose a hardwearing, dense carpet and if you are considering a loop pile carpet then remember that they do have a habit of fraying on the stair edge over time.

Kitchen Carpets

As with bathrooms, not a particularly fashionable choice for this area of the home and don’t forget that that they will be exposed to all sorts of potential damage. If you still want a carpet for your kitchen then consider our carpet tiles. These have a low pile height and are easy to clean and should one prove just too stubborn then you can just easily lift and replace with a nice new one. You can use two or three colours to create your own design, imagine laying them as a walkway, an island or even randomly instead of checkerboard!

Carpetways Top Tips on Buying a Cheap Online Carpet

Your new carpet will be a great investment, adding style, elegance and luxury to your home for years to come. These tips will help you get it right at every stage.
Suitability - how much wear will your carpet receive? Your hall stairs and landing will need a heavier wearing carpet than your bedroom.
Longevity - how long do you reasonably expect your carpet to last?
Budget - how much can you afford. Don't forget the cost of fitting and underlay.
Decoration - are you matching the carpet to a particular scheme (?), and what are your future decorating plans? Remember to choose your carpet first and install it last after painting.
Style and design - do you want a plain carpet, patterned carpet, or one with texture or a border? You have a large choice - experiment with colour and design by taking sample home.


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