Although you don’t buy carpet you walk on them.  Here at Carpetways we recommend you consider your purchase carefully to make sure to get the right one for you.


It is a very personal space and you can do what you want here the choice is yours! In terms of wear, it is the room that will take the least so you can save money here.

Lounge or Living Room

The Living Room, as the name suggests, is often the ‘hub’ of the household so, here again, a hard wearing carpet is needed.

Dining Room

The choice is entirely yours when it comes to the this room – plain, patterned or loop pile. They will all look attractive.

Hall, Stairs & Landing

The Hallway is the first thing people see of our home.  This area takes a lot of wear and tear so your carpet needs to be durable & hardwearing.  Combining a stripe on the stairs with a contemporary plain  in the hall is a clever and practical way to add interest to a functional area.

There are a variety of  styles and surface texture options available, all of which affect the appearance, feel, and importantly, performance of your carpet. By and large, the more luxurious the surface, the more care it will need. Shorter pile usually wears better than long pile carpet but is not as luxurious. It all comes down to personal taste and room usage.

The most common styles are:

Twist Pile

Twist pile carpets are the most popular style in the UK. The short pile consists of tightly twisted heat-set yarn, providing a hard wearing and practical carpet. These are ideal for a lounge, dining room, hall, stairs and landing. A twist pile will remain stylish and easy to maintain for years to come.


Saxony carpets are the softest and plushest available with a dense pile giving it supreme comfort underfoot. When fitted on a high quality underlay, it will make any room feel luxurious and warm. Ideal for bedrooms and living areas, Saxony carpets boast high durability meaning even high-traffic areas can achieve the look of luxury.

Looped Pile(also know as Berber)

Looped Pile(also known as Berber)  is when yarn forms loops on the surface of the giving a textured or rustic effect. Stylish and durable, a looped carpet is excellent at maintaining its appearance, meaning it is suitable for most areas of your home. Perfect for the hall, stairs and landing and all other rooms in your home.


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