CarpetWays introduce New Range of Wood Flooring

Natural Wood Floors at CarpetWays

Here at CarpetWays we supply three options for wood flooring; solid, engineered or parquet.
Solid or Parquet are sawn as a block of wood from the tree with the grade being determined by the direction of the cut, grain variations and the number of knots. They are then processed into wood flooring planks or strips with tongue and groove edges and supplied as either multiple layers of clear urethane surface pre-finished or wax and oil finished on site. Parquet blocks tend to be narrower and shorter allowing unusual herringbone or patterned floors.
Engineered wood floors comprise of several cross layered sections of wood. Hardwood is used for the topmost layer whilst the plywood layers beneath create a robust and stable floor. Humidity change affects all species of wood. Softwood Varieties such as Beech, Maple & Ash in particular. The cross layered construction of engineered and multi-layer wood flooring improves strength, resulting in a reduction of up to 70% in natural wood movement.


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