Natural Wood Floors from CarpetWays

No other floor can match the natural beauty of wood flooring. Bringing nature inside with engineered wood flooring,resulting in your home looking welcoming and warm. You can easily create that effect by choosing a high-quality engineered wood floor. Bring a ‘mountain cabin’ look and feel into any living space. Packed full of character, real wood flooring brings an unmistakable feel of quality to any home.


Firstly, Imprinted with a natural textured grain that is warm and tactile under barefoot. This durable and unique surface is the perfect rendition of a real timber floor. Perfect for everyday use in your home. The main advantage of a real wood floor is being able to sand it down and refinish it, prolonging the life of your floor. It’s also completely unique, no two installations of a real wood floor are the same. V4 Wood Flooring offers a hardwood floor for every taste. From the traditional Alpine and Eiger engineered planks to the beautiful industrial urban designs. Designer Parquet offerings from V4 Zigzag give that contemporary look. Complimenting any decor this also comes in extra wide engineered boards that feature in the Landscape Range.
Beautiful and versatile, the collections feature an array of colours and finishes. Choose a more subtle design, or pick a hand-finished product that perfectly recreates the look and feel of nature.

Browse our extensive range of wood floor accessories therefore complete your installation with our range of profile bars, beading, nosing.

Colours and Designs:

Secondly, Virtually perfect for any desigm as this wood is available in a range of gorgeous colours, from light and neutral to luxurious dark brown. Finishes include everything from UV oiled and hardwax oiled to lacquered, therefore providing a wide range of home makeover possibilities. Unlike solid wood flooring, the V4 Engineered Wood Flooring ranges are compatible with underfloor heating. In other words, you can easily bring the look of a hardwood floor into your home, and enjoy extra comfort at the same time.

Furthermore, Comprising of several cross layered sections of wood. Hardwood is used for the topmost layer whilst the plywood layers beneath create a robust and stable floor. Humidity change affects all species of wood therefore the cross layered construction of engineered and multi-layer wood flooring improves strength, resulting in a reduction of up to 70% in natural wood movement.

Additionally, Testament to the products’ top quality, each engineered wood floor is backed by a 35-year lifetime residential warranty. Concluding that you can relax knowing that your chosen product is of the highest standard every single time.


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