Luxury vinyl Tiles at CarpetWays

Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl. Luxury Vinyl Tiles [LVT] replicate all the beauty of natural wood and stone flooring materials with none of the practical drawbacks. This flooring is virtually indistinguishable from the materials that inspired their designs. Offering significant advantages in terms of versatility, maintenance and low cost. Each vinyl tile or plank has its own individual grain. texture and appearance and is durable enough to be found in every type of room, hallway, lounge, conservatory, bathroom and kitchen where that 'wow' factor is sought.


It’s got to that time of year again where you want to sit in your garden and relax. So try out our hassle-free artificial grass! No maintenance or fuss just set it down and chill out! Our grass starts at £4.99 a square meter!! Get your very popular garden accessory now!

Grass Image