Luxury vinyl Tiles from CarpetWays

Try out our massive selection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles! Here at Carpet Ways we like to ensure you get the best deal. And best deal we shall with these exquisite products! LVT is an exceptionally durable form of vinyl. Firstly, it copies the beauty of natural wood and stone flooring but without the practical drawbacks. This product offers significant advantages over vinyl. These consist of: versatility, maintenance and lower cost. Get yourself a brand new tile flooring now with this great selection.

LVT Specifications:

Secondly, the Luxury Vinyl Tile is very different from the materials that inspired their designs. With the choice of a stone or wooden design, and even abstract patterns. This product really does fit in with any house design you have be it traditional or modern. Its hard finish makes the cushion tile quiet and warm underfoot, this is great for those busy house holds. The Luxury Vinyl Tile range comes in a variety of different colours and designs so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. Get yourself a worry-free floor.

Additionally, Highly durable, scratch resistant and waterproof. With the added option of having glue down or click together you can put this together as easily as putting a jigsaw together. The glue down version of this product may not be the easiest to lay in terms of expertise. If you are going to get the best product on the market wouldn't it make sense to have it fitted perfectly as well? The tools, cutting techniques and edges are all things to take into consideration if trying to lay this yourself.

Suitable for:

Furthermore, the texture and appearance of the cushion tile are kept in mind with each tile or plank having its own individual grain of the Luxury Vinyl Tile. This is to increase the realistic effect of the tile. Any visitors will be sure to envy you after seeing this masterpiece laid in your home. In addition this product can be used commercially or domestically and will withstand the traffic easily. This cushion tile can be used in: schools, hospitals, entertainment buildings and even fitness clubs. This product follows trends and can be changed to flow with them, this is due to its man made construct.


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