Looped Pile Carpets from CarpetWays

Our Looped pile carpets at Carpet ways are a perfect blend of luxurious fibers with an extremely durable finish. Above all this is to ensure you get the best feel and the longest life out of your looped carpet. As well as the hard-wearing capability of this carpet makes it ideal for heavy domestic areas in your home, being able to stand up to hard traffic makes it perfect for hallways and stairs.

Looped carpets Specifications

Firstly, Looped carpets are made from uncut continuous loops on the surface and has a distinctive knot appearance. Above all carpets can be looped, with a low-profile pile construction. Certainly which is known for maintaining its appearance. More so they can also have loops of different heights to form a textured pile. Furthermore, Theses kind of carpets can come in a range of colours that you can freely choose from. However each looped carpet tends to look flecked. Due to different coloured fibers in the loops.

Secondly, for a busy room choose a carpet with smaller or tighter loops. As a result these easily bounce back and decrease the chance of loops crushing and matting with wear and tear. Therefore a good all-rounder. However, pets wouldn't agree with this product, particularly cats. For the reason that they may pull up the loops with their claws.


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