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CarpetWays room sized carpet remnants and vinyl flooring roll ends are all brand new from leading manufacturers. Because, unlike smaller operations, we usually only buy whole 25 metre long rolls of carpets from our suppliers. Often after selling 4 or 5 pieces from this roll we are left with off cuts that can be offered at generous discount prices off our normal full retail price. We have 1000's to choose from and this is the best way to carpet your room at a fraction on the retail price! Unless otherwise stated all are of first quality and have been checked for size and colour. Grab yourself a bargin and transform that tired room on your home for less than you expected.

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Bingo Modus Vinyl Remnant 2.5m x 3m
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Bingo Modus Vinyl Remnant 2.5m x 3m

This Bingo Modus Vinyl Remnant is a calm and stunning flooring. Firstly, its prestine white design will make you the envy if the neighbour hood with ease. Its Modern design goes well with most house designs and can really improve the style of your house. The Bingo Modus Vinyl Remnants style and desing really does […]

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