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Choose from our range of Flooring Metal Trims available in two lengths [90 cm = 3 ft and 270 cm = 9 ft approx] and two colours Gold and Silver [Sim Brass and Polished Aluminium]

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CarpetWays Flooring Metal Trims allow you to acheive a professional looking edge to transition points such as doorways and changes of flooring type. They can easily be cut to length and can be secured to the sub floor via either screws, nails or Gripfill type adhesive.

Each Flooring Metal Trim profile has been designed for specific flooring edge transition problems as follows;

  • Curved Single Edge – protects and grips edge of carpet when up against tiles or the saddle in a doorway
  • Twin Grip – protects and grips both edges when and where two carpets meet.
  • Z Bar – used for joining carpet to laminate, tiles or wood flooring during new installation.
  • Vinyl Sheet Edge – grips down on vinyl cushion flooring allowing/ covering slight change in flooring height.
  • Standard Cover Strip – 37 mm wide low profile strip to provide cheap carpet to carpet or vinyl to vinyl solution.
  • Wide Cover Strip – 60 mm wide useful low profile strip to cover larger gaps or provide room for flooring expansion.

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