Kendal 20mm Artificial Grass

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Kendal 20mm grass combines different shades of green with a slightly beige root zone. This product has a natural and realistic look.  Making any garden look fantastic.

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If you’re looking for a neat and well-kept lawn then look no further than our Kendal 20mm Artificial Grass.

Kendal 20mm Artificial Grass has shades of green and olive together with a slightly beige root. This combination of colours makes this product extremely realistic to look at.  It gives you the appearance of a late summer lawn look.  This grass will give you that real feel and fresh lush look.

Get that perfectly mowed lawn all year round without the weekly maintenance of cutting, weeding, and watering on those warm summer days. Buy your Kendal 20mm Artificial Grass today.

Great for pet areas, balconies, terraces, and patios Kendal really is a great all-around artificial grass. Artificial Grass can also be used in commercial areas such as shop displays, windows, or even on the children’s play area.

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