Remnant Timbuktu Milk 5m x 4m

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Get this Remnant Timbuktu Milk Carpet at a fraction of the retail price. This hessian backed, flecked effect carpet is suitable for heavy domestic carpet making it ideal for any room in your home. This carpet needs to be laid with underlay and we recommend the beat possible underlay you can afford to prolong the lifespan and improve comfort underfoot.

In a soft & cosy beige colour has a lovely two toned feel with its muilti shades this carpet is great to add that touch of class.

Extremely durable this carpet is suitable even for those heavy traffic areas in the busiest of homes. Great for bedrooms and lounges but can also be laid on the stairs.[click to see how to bleach clean carpet]

SIZE: 500cm x 400cm

100 polypropylene this carpet is satin resistant to the usual every day stains, these being removed by general household cleaner. But for those more stubborn stains this carpet is bleach cleanable.
[Click her to see how to bleach clean carpet]