Super Comfort Venturi Vinyl Remnant 2.9m x 3m

£122.00 £97.00

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Get this Super Comfort Venturi Vinly Remnant now at a fraction of the price this deal is worth it! its stunning and beautiful stone like design will make you the envy if the neighbour hood with ease. its Modern design goes well with most house designs and can really improve the style of your house.

With its Beautiful design this Super Comfort Venturi stone like effect really adds some style and stands out so everyone will be talking about you for a while. The Vinyl remnants 0.3mm thick wear layer adds protection against everyday wear as well as creating a water resistant layer, meaning that it can handle that bit of water that may be spilled on it. To clean it we recomned using a light brush no steamer or mop as it may ruin your vinyl

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