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  • Deco Frozen Umber
  • Deco Midnight Mist
  • Deco Nordic Beach
  • Deco Silver Haze
  • Deco Smokehouse Grey
  • Deco Urban Sunset
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The V4 Wood Deco Collection comprises of six special colours created with a combination of traditional colouring techniques. The oak top layer is lightly brushed to form a relief of the natural grain. Firstly lye is then hand applied to the oak surface which reacts with the natural acids in the wood. As a result it bleaches the surface preventing the oak from discolouring.

The result is a textured surface to which layers of colour oil are applied to create deep lustred boards with a distinctive grain.

The V4 Wood Deco collection features high quality wood flooring that has had the natural beauty of the timber. Enhanced further by skilled craftsmen using long-established techniques and features V4’s designer range of wood flooring. Additionally it utilises traditional hand applied wood lye together with colour stains & hardwax oil to create a beautiful range of modern contemporary colours.

The rustic lines of the plank are brushed to highlight the stunning organic architecture of the wood. Then the flooring is nurtured by an application of wood lye to inhibit the timber from further yellowing.

Finally, an application of colour oils and hardwax oils provide protection and durability to the flooring. Hence leaving you with a designer wood floor that is not only excellent value but will last and impress for many years to come. The V4 Deco range is proving very popular so when you find your chosen floor then please contact us to reserve your flooring.

BOX SIZE: 2.166sqm

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