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The kitchen is usually one of the busiest areas in your home. The flooring you choose must be durable, resilient and can withstand the spills and splashes of daily life.  A vinyl floor covering of luxury vinyl tiles are the best choice for kitchens.  Low maintenance,  water resistant, hygenic and easy cleaned with general household cleaners


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Ask About Luxury Vinyl Tiles

All of our luxury vinyl tiles are waterproof, which makes them the perfect flooring for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

If your luxury vinyl tile has a click system you can choose to lay underlay underneath. If it's not the click system this will need to be stuck down directly to your floor.

Feature strips are thin strips of LVT which are used to create grout in between the tiles to create a more authentic wood or stone look. They come in a range of colours and can be used to create a natural or unique stylish finish.

Ask About Carpets

You’ll need a tape measure, pen or pencil and some paper

Firstly, draw a simple plan of the room to put your sizes on. When measuring your room, you should always ensure that you keep the flooring running in the same direction to maintain texture, pattern and colour consistency. If you change the direction then the pattern, texture and the pile of the carpet will reflect the light differently.

When measuring a room, simply measure from the furthest skirting board at the longest and widest points of the room remembering to measure into the doorway as the room will be slightly wider there. Also, take care to measure into any bay windows and doorframes when measuring the length, as carpet should end under a door.

See the image below:

How to measure your room for carpet, vinyl and wood
How to measure your room for carpet, vinyl and wood


Always add 5cm (2″) minimum to both the length and width of the carpet measurements. The majority of carpets are 4 metres or 5 metres in width (4mx 5m), if your room is slightly over this width don’t worry we can join the carpet professionally with heat seam tape.

Do not forget CarpetWays offer a Free Measure service if you are upto 10 miles from your local store. This removes the worry of you getting it wrong!

Blot as much of the stain as possible use paper towels or a clean dry cloth. Then mix two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of a dishwashing liquid in a bowl. Using a clean sponge dip into liquid and blot stain until stain has lifted. Repeat if necessary.

For those carpets which state they are bleach cleanable a solution of 10% bleach to water can be used to clean those heavy stain areas.

Ask About Laminate Flooring

Underlay is recommended this flooring needs to flex and move this will give it a flooting surface. It will also help reduce the sound underfoot and also increase comfort too.

Yes, you can put Castors on the laminate floor however they can damage your flooring if the correct protective measures aren’t put in place. If possible use soft castors, to limit the damage cause it will also improve the sitting comfort (if on a chair/sofa) compared to hard castors. Otherwise use a hard floor protective mat underneath the castors.

There is no right or wrong way to lay laminate it is your own personal taste. Laying the laminate in the direction of the main source of light into a room will elongate the room and make it look longer.

Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring pads as they will damage your floor. For regular cleaning use a cloth ensuring it is well wrung. It is important not to apply excess moisture to the floor.

Ask About Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable and easy to maintain, plus with its moisture, scratch, and stain resistance it is perfect for high traffic rooms throughout the home.

Due to its water-resistance and durability, vinyl flooring is suitable for every room in the home! It is very popular in bathrooms and kitchens where spills are more likely to occur.

There are many benefits of Vinyl Flooring. Vinyl is extremely versatile and durable, with its great range of colours and styles which will be sure to fit in any room in your home.  It is easy to clean, scratch, and water-resistant. You can get the look of real wood or stone without the hassle of maintenance or the expense.

If you are ordering more than one piece of the same vinyl floor we strongly advise you to order the same width for both pieces. This is so they are will both be cut off the same roll. Different rolls of the same vinyl can differ slightly in colour so ordering the same width will help avoid this.

Ask About Underlay

Underlay is an important extra layer that goes underneath the carpet, protecting the carpet, providing you insulation and extra comfort underfoot. With time this will degrade and trap dirt and odors. Our carpet suppliers will only guarantee the life of their products if fitted on new Underlay. Remember CarpetWays offer Free Fitting if your carpet is purchased with a new underlay.

Feltbackcarpets can be fitted with or without carpet underlay. Although it is recommended that you fit the best quality underlay you can afford as it adds comfort, sound proofing and it will also extend the lifespan of your carpet.


When airborne sound arrives at the surface of a wall or floor, some of it is reflected back as an echo, and some is transmitted. The remainder is converted into other forms of energy within the material, principally heat. This is known as sound absorption. when airborne sound arrives at one surface of for example, a floor, some of it is reflected back as an echo, some of it is converted into other forms of energy within the material body, and the remainder is transmitted through the material to be radiated as airborne sound on the other side, but at a reduced level. The degree to which this reduction takes place is the sound insulation provided by the floor.

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